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116 Miles in 24 Hours! Jess runs the Pacific Rim 1 Day

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jess ran 116 miles in the Pacific Rim 1 Day Run. (That's over the top!) She came in 1st place for women and 2nd overall. The 1st place man ran 121 miles. The 2nd place woman behind Jess only ran 109 miles (so she kicked her butt!) This is the furthest Jess has ever run. This race was also her fastest 100 mile time – she hit 100 miles at 20 hours and 15 minutes. There were 75 runners that started the race. Not everyone ran the full 24 hours. It doesn’t matter how long you run – you just have 24 hours to get as many miles as possible and ranking is by total mileage. There were counters at the mile mark that kept track of their loops.

Many people napped during the wee hours. But superwoman did not. Kristine Narciso came and ran miles 103 to 116 with Jess. Kristine met her at 5:30am and kept Jess motivated and running as best she could. (You're awesome Kristine!) The race was from 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday starting March 20th. This race has been around for a long time (relative to other ultras). It started in 1989. Jess said she did not enjoy the 1 mile loop. "Its is much harder to run a 1 mile loop 116 times than to run a trail for 116 miles. Infinitely harder!" We'll believe her.

On Saturday morning at the beginning of the race.

Sunday Morning after a gazillion miles!

Only Wen Arto!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wen wins over Venetians to CrossFit!

Spring LEANing Challenge 2010 (also interviews with Fall winners)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Spring LEANing Challenge 2010 starts in less than 2 weeks! Here are the details:

LEANing FOOD Talk with Dave and Jess:
Saturday, MARCH 13th from 1:30 - 2:45

We will be taking your 'Before' pictures at the Food Talk this Saturday as well as collecting your entry fee of $30.00 (cash only).

*ANYONE and everyone is welcome to attend the food talk. Cost: Free

Other times to get your 'Before' pictures taken will be at all classes on Monday, March 15 and Tuesday, March 16. If none of these times work for you, please email nancy@crossfitseattle.com to arrange a time to meet at the gym. All 'Before' pictures must be taken by Friday March 19th.

Spring LEANing Challenge DATES:
Friday Morning, MARCH 19th through Friday Evening MAY 7th.


* Eating: Paleo
* Cost: $30.00 (cash) to be put into a kitty
* The kitty will be divided in 2 for a FEMALE winner and a MALE winner
* 3 'Before' pictures taken: front view, side view and back view. Men are in shorts and Women are in shorts and sports bra/bikini top
* Each Monday your food log for the previous week is emailed to our LEANing Yahoo Group
* Anyone can enter the LEANing challenge, but to win you must submit your food logs each week and you must be a member at CrossFit Seattle
* 3 'After' pictures are taken on May 7, 2010 (or no later than May 11th)
* CF Seattle trainers pick the top 5 men and top 5 women whose body composition changed the most
* Spring LEANing participants vote on the top 10 to determine the Winners
* The 2 winners win half of the kitty plus one month of unlimited classes at CF Seattle
* The pictures taken are PRIVATE. The pictures of the top 5 men and top 5 women will be viewed on paper at the gym to determine the winners.

Check out the below interviews with Wen Arto and Morrie Bills, our winners from the 2009 Fall LEANing Challenge. These are inspirational interviews worth watching!

Wen Arto 2009 Fall LEANing Challenge Winner from Nancy Meenen on Vimeo.

Morrie Bills 2009 Fall LEANing Challenge Winner from Nancy Meenen on Vimeo.

Evan takes 7th out of 113!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Evan's hard work paid off this weekend! To see all the scores from this weekend, check here.

Evan will be headed to the NorthWest Regionals in May at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. Congratulations Evan!!

Thank you Wen for the pictures! More are here.