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Level 4 CrossFit Seattle opens Friday, June 1

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This holiday weekend saw a building and painting frenzy at the new gym in Fremont. Who knew you could use metalworking and welding skills to build a wall?

Part of the interior has been painted in big blocks of color, and the exterior will be a light color to make it stand out from the trees around it. Differing opinions have been expressed about each of the color choices--so what else is new?

Probably the hardest part of the job in terms of sheer physical labor was digging the ditch for the plumbing. Dave, Mike, Sean, and Scott jackhammered through the slab, and the broken concrete and underlying dirt was excavated and hauled out in a free-for-all of flying shovels, buckets and wheelbarrows. CrossFitters love to dig, right?

Once the bathrooms are completed, who will shed a sentimental tear for the Honey Bucket? Not me.

Be there Friday night for the inaugural workout!

CrossFit Championship 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Sunday was a fun and tiring day at the gym, even more than usual. The 2007 CrossFit Championship had about 36 participants and numerous spectating and cheering family members and friends. Several regional CrossFit affiliates were represented and we appreciated their making the trip.

The details on exactly what the championship involved, how it was scored, and how people ranked, are here.

An informal poll of people who were still up on their hind legs at the end of the event revealed that the hardest parts of the event were the 25 combined hanging-leg-raise-and-pullups (touch your toes to the bar, let them down and then do a pull-up. Repeat. Ouch) and the 50 push-presses (35 kilos for men, 25 for women). Well, of course the wall-ball and kettlebell deadlift and rowing were no picnic either.

The sheer fatigue was evident not only in the drained facial expressions but also in the inability of most people to toss a beanbag accurately through a hole that couldn't have been more than five feet away. Jeremy King was the King of accuracy, landing three out of six through the hole.

A few pictures of champs in action:

More pictures are here.

May 20, 2007 - CrossFit Championship

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sign up for our 3rd Annual CrossFit Championship. First 30 people to sign up get a t-shirt. Kettlebell trophies will be given for male champion 35 years and younger, male champion 36 years and older, female champion 35 years and younger, female champion 36 years and older.

July 22, 2007 - Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Coach Mike Burgener

Learn olympic weightlifting from world renowned coach Mike Burgener. Technique will be covered in great detail. The clinic is an ideal introduction for a beginner and a good refresher for more experienced lifters. Cost: $95.00