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The Best Holiday Gift Ever!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holly and Seth welcomed Elijah "Eli" Walker Davis December 16th at 7:49am at 5lbs 12 ozs and 18 inches long. Here is what Holly had to say about her birth and workout experience while pregnant:

Labor and childbirth was intense, but I did it standing up most of the time, and delivered in the squatting position. Little did I know when I started CrossFit at Level 4 in September last year that it would play such a major part in an amazing, natural childbirth experience. I send sincere gratitude to not only all of the coaches (special thanks to Scott!) who were so attentive to me during my workouts and not letting me overdo it, but also to all of my fellow crossfitters who encouraged me along the way. In my opinion it is truly the greatest pregnancy fitness routine.
Congratulations to Seth and Holly and Welcome Eli!

Holly doing her last workout at 39 weeks.

Holly, Seth and Eli

Gymnastics Clinic: review and pics

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Saturday we had a 2 hour gymnastics clinic. We covered hollow body drills, wrist and finger strengthening drills, dialing in the handstand, lat activation, progressions for muscle-ups and bar muscle-ups and played with hip overs. Excellent progress was made on handstands and becoming aware of how to turn on your lats. BJ got his first bar muscle-up, Drew got his first muscle-up, and several ladies made really good progress on their muscle-ups. Exciting times!