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Outback Sean

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sean's weekend:

I spent saturday afternoon through sunday in the desert-- Umtanum falls then overnight in Umtanum canyon. We stayed near an abandoned homestead, apple/walnut orchard. The remaining homestead foundation has "nov. 25 1933" inscribed. The wilderness has reclaimed the old homestead. Everything is in bloom and fragrant. Amazing night -- bighorn sheep in rocks above, high winds (but sheltered from it), moon and stars, beavers scurrying about in overgrown thicket. We left the tent doors open for Max (the dog). He stayed up all night looking, searching, guarding (in his element, no barking, just alert and excited). We hiked a 5,000 foot peak the next day (can't remember the name)-- nine miles through fragrant desert bloom, signs of elk everywhere, up through canyon filled with Ponderosa pine, up to windy view for miles and miles.

Sean of the Wild