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Jess runs another 100+ miles...in the pouring rain and freezing wind!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jess ran another 100+ miles a few weekends ago from Williams to Ashland, Oregon. Several people from CrossFit Seattle went down with her to keep her motivated on this difficult run.

Here is her write up of the weekend:

The race. Wow. It was hard. And long. And bad weather. But, having everyone there made a HUGE difference. Overall, I had a very fun weekend with everyone. Race day, Steven drove me to the start and saw me off. It wasn't raining at first but started raining within a few hours of the start. Everyone came to see me at mile 31. I was nice and chafed already, so changed my shirt and switched from a camelbak to hand-held bottles. Off I went in the rain and misery and off they went to hang out in the cold and rain. I felt really bad for them the whole time, it must have sucked to sit in the cold and rain all day.

Then I saw them at mile 42 and 45. They lifted my spirits, as I was feeling depressed about the course and weather (the course was mostly dirt roads, which was not advertised - I hate dirt roads). On I went and the course kept seeming longer than they said (5 miles felt like 6, etc) and finally I saw them again at like 11:30 at night at mile 67. Steven and his friend ran with me to mile 83. Then I saw everyone again (at like 3:30am) and Sean took over pacing me. And poor Sean, my asthma was really bad so I was moving SLOW. He stuck it out with me for the last 20+ miles in the pouring rain and freezing wind until we finished at 9:30am. The last climb we did together had a terrible wet and slippery rock scramble at the top. It was a pain in the ass!!!

The course was advertised as being 101.5 miles. The race director even said it was a bit longer than that but didn't say how much. Multiple friends that wore GPS's got 106 miles for the course. It felt that long.

Stats on the race- I came in 5th woman and 34th overall. (Nice work Jess!!) My time was 27:34. There were 131 starters and 72 finishers (55%).

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