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Metro Dash -- CrossFit Seattle team

Friday, October 15, 2010

Several members from CrossFit Seattle got together to participate in the Metro Dash last weekend. They did awesome and had a lot of fun! BJ did a write up about the workout:

The workout was a lot of fun. We started off at the school (Bailey Gatzert Elementary on Yesler) with the "gauntlet," which began with a 30 second power rope blast. From there we had to run over and do 12 TRX (rings) pulls, 12 tire flips (150lb tractor tires), 50yd sled drag (50lb sled), 12 ball slams, 12 KB swings, 12 box jumps and then scale an 8ft wall.

Then the run. The total for the run was about 3.5 miles (maybe a bit less). We had to run to different "stations" where additional workouts were set-up. There were five stations in total, and the first four were Tabata-style workouts. The first station (3rd and Yesler) was Tabata push-ups, the second station (Seneca and 6th) was Tabata star jumps, the third station (Virginia St. and Western) was Tabata burpees, the fourth station (Alaskan Way, between University and Union) was Tabata squats, and the final station (S. Washington and Occidental) was lunges one direction, bear crawls the other. When we returned to the school we had to go through the gauntlet again. Though there were slight adjustments this time - there was no wall and the tire flips were reduced from 12 to 6, but everything else stayed the same.

It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes start to finish. Not a bad time. It was also a lot of fun running through the city and doing different workouts in somewhat populated places (I think the best reactions were during the burpees).

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