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CrossFit Seattle Triumphs in Battle

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Battle of the Lake, CrossFit Bellevue versus CrossFit Seattle:

Level - 4 CrossFit aka (CrossFit Seattle) vs. CrossFit Bellevue in battle to decide who owes who a "Big Daddy."

Teams will compete to finish the arduous and punishing CrossFit Bellevue obstacle course. Teams must negotiate the obstacle course with their very heavy 135lb barbell "boats." (The whole team carries the boat together! Hoo-yah!)

1) 100 team sit-ups,
2) 25-yard spoon and egg carry,
3) 100 yard boat carry to truck,
4) 50 dead-lifts,
5) 100-yard carry to parking lot,
6) 50 team push-presses,
7) 50-yard team leap frogs,
8) 50-yard burpee broad jumps,
9) 50 yard team walking lunges,
10) 100 yard carry to truck,
11) 200-yard team waltz (yes, you read that right),
12) 100-yard carry back to gym,
13) 25 team legless push-ups to finish.

Penalties: add 15 seconds per violation (loose hugs, bad waltzing, stepping during broad jumps, half presses). Dirty boat is worth 30 seconds. Broken egg is worth a minute.

The winner was CrossFit Seattle! Way to go everybody!

Photos and video by Wenarto and photos by Jason.