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Watch Holly, Tracy and John CYCLOCROSS this weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Go check out Holly Walker Davis, Tracy Erbeck and John Herzog, Cyclocross this Sunday at Woodland Park. Click here for heat times and info.

Holly, Tracy and John are great examples of athletes using CrossFit to help kick ass in their sport. There are rumors that Holly is going to clean up so go cheer her on.

Cyclocross is a very spectator friendly and fun to watch. These guys go hard and get dirty! In case you don't know what Cyclocross is, read below.

What is Cyclocross?
Cyclocross is a bicycle-related sport combining the fitness of road riding, the technical bike handling skills of mountain biking, and the finesse of running all in a 45-60 minute event. Typically, cyclocross-specific bikes are used (looking like a road bike, but with a wider, knobby tire, and good mud clearance at the brakes). Mountain bikes can be used, too.

Strategy: Go fast and make it last. Seriously. You can’t possibly sprint for a 45 minute race. You might try, though. The key is fast-paced sustainable action. Sometimes it’s faster to run sections. Sometimes, staying on the bike is the only option. Coast less often. Corner smartly. Own your place in the race.