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Learning about the Brain-Voice Connection

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yesterday we held a workshop at our box with Anna Bernstein who teaches people things like how to access your money notes and to use more than just 3 of the 25 pitches everyone is born with. The tools she teaches are great for talking to anyone that you want to influence (i.e train).

For myself, I learned what is and can be boring about my voice or anyone else's for that matter. Now when I talk to clients, I can consciously engage them with tools I have learned (pitch, volume, etc). I can also remind myself that when talking with a client, my entire speech needs to be for their benefit. This might seem like common sense, but now I have a lot more tools to perfect this skill. Thank you Anna!

If you are interested in getting a hold of Anna or learning more about her services here is her contact information and website:

Anna Bernstein
The Brain-Voice Connection

This is what Anna has to say about yesterday's workshop:

I had the pleasure of leading a workshop on communication and voice improvement for several CrossFit owners and trainers. We had a wonderful time learning from one another. My main focus was to educate them about how their voices influence their clients more than the words they say. Another big idea was to realize that when you open your mouth to speak, it's for the benefit of others. After all, you can talk to yourself in your head! When folks stop and realize this, they are more willing to slow down and think a bit before they start talking. Encouraging people to engage at a higher level of consciousness about how they sound and what they say is the main focus of my workshops. I applaud everyone's willingness to leave their comfort zone and try some new and expansive sounds with their voices!