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An astounding number of kettlebell swings!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday's Saturday 8 AM class involved two max sets of heavy kettlebell swings (and then a whole bunch of jumping rope). Firebreathing CrossFitter Michelle D. chose the 24-kg kettlebell and swung it an insane 121 times nonstop, leaving the rest of us in the dust! If that's not enough, after a break of two or three minutes she swung it again for about 36 swings. Congratulations Michelle, and thanks for giving the rest of us a new goal!

Last Thursday's Fight Gone Bad actually went Really Well for Cedric M. Last time he did FGB was in October 2008. Old score: 187. Thursday's score: 321! He says his best event was the box jump, where he totalled 104 on Thursday. GREAT job, Cedric!