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Kettlebell technique workshop August 9 in Issaquah

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fireman Tom Corrigan, an excellent kettlebell trainer and friend of CrossFit Seattle, will teach kettlebell basics on Saturday, August 9, at Gravity Janes gym in Issaquah. Tom is knowledgeable, certified, and long experienced in both RKC and AKC kettlebell techniques.

Tom will give this workshop with expert kettlebell lifter Mikhail (Misha) Marshak, a Master of Sport (equivilent to an All-American) in the competitive sport of kettlebell lifting. Mikhail trained under many Russian champions and a world champion while he lifted competitively for the Aviation Institute of Moscow. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the U.S. with more kettlebell lifting experience and training knowledge.

Kettlebell technique workshop
Date: Sat. Aug. 9
Time: 9 AM until noon
Place: Gravity Janes, 1290 Mall St., Issaquah, 425-677-8183
Price: $75
More info: PDF; or email Tom Corrigan at kbfiremantom@yahoo.com